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Vancouver Washington Social Security Disability Law Blog

What can a disability attorney do for me?

Vancouver residents may not always be clear as to why a disability attorney is necessary. Filing for disability may not immediately strike one as a legal issue. However, there are many reasons why someone might seek out a disability attorney. A disability attorney can help in multiple ways and ensure that a claim is as strong as it can be.

Sadly, many claims for disability benefits are denied. This bars people from obtaining the insurance they need to survive. A disability attorney can prevent this from happening. The process of filing for Social Security Disability can be complex, even daunting. Because of this, many neglect certain requirements and neglect to include necessary pieces of information in their claims. As a result, many are denied their claims, and are thus left unable to cover medical expenses and living costs.

Autism and Social Security Disability benefits

In years past, little was known about social disorders and other mental health issues that affected a person's ability to communicate or function. However, today a lot of research is done on mental health issues. As more is known about these serious health problems, the less of a stigma is attached to them. People with these disorders are living among the general population and enjoying life to its fullest.

However, even with a greater awareness of these issues, many of those that suffer from mental health issues have a difficult time holding a job. Their medical problems may prevent them from holding a job or being able to provide for themselves. In these cases, Social Security disability benefits may be available to these individuals.

Can workers get SSDI benefits for a work injury?

Many Washington residents go to work each day and put their life on the line. These individuals risk serious injuries in order to complete the task they have been assigned. Even if people do not have a traditionally dangerous job, workplace accidents still occur that can cause serious and life-threatening injuries. When people are injured at work, they will often have to seek medical attention. Sometimes doctors will be able to treat the injuries and the person will return to life as normal. In other situations, workplace injuries leave a person permanently injured and unable to return to work.

If you are in this situation, you may wonder -- can workers get Social Security Disability benefits for a work injury? According to the Social Security Administration, whether or not you will qualify for SSDI benefits following a work injury depends on a few factors.

Congress may be able to save Social Security disability insurance

As readers of this blog may remember, there has been a so-called Social Security crisis looming for quite some time. Many have projected large cuts to Social Security disability insurance benefits, which would greatly affect the many who rely on these benefits. However, Washington residents may be happy to learn that there have finally been some positive developments involving Social Security disability insurance in the news recently.

A senior house Democrat recently had some optimistic things to say regarding Social Security disability insurance. According to a report by CQ Roll Call, Democrats and Republicans may be able to reach an agreement, which would stop the depletion of the Social Security disability insurance trust fund. Reports say that the chair of the subcommittee is committed to protecting disabled Americans from the Social Security crisis. If Congress is unable to solve the funding mess, disabled Americans will take a 20 percent hit to their benefits.

How do SSDI and private disability insurance differ?

When a Washington resident is injured and no longer fit for the workforce, it may become impossible to meet certain needs without some kind of disability insurance. But when it comes to what kind of disability insurance to pursue, many may find themselves confused. Some might not know of the benefits that come with Social Security Disability insurance and how these benefits differ from private disability insurance.

For those who meet the strict definitions of total disability, social security disability insurance provides many important protections. Plus, the coverage is extended to anyone who has worked a sufficient amount of time while at the same time contributing to Social Security. This makes SSDI an attractive option for the many who cannot afford private disability insurance. Only about 30 percent of workers are provided disability insurance through their work and rely on SSDI for protection.

So-called social security crisis may occur by next year

As many Washington residents can likely attest to, reading the news regarding social security disability benefits can be disheartening. Budget cuts and tightening restrictions can lead some to believe that social security is in a dire state. However, for those with disabilities, it simply means that disability benefits must be protected, and in some cases fought for, with the help of vigorous advocacy.

According to reports, some people's fears regarding social security budget cuts may be becoming a reality. There are around 11 million disabled workers and families of disabled workers who receive social security. Sadly, however, these people may find that their payments are cut significantly by the end of 2016. In fact, these recipients will likely see a 19-percent cut in their social security disability benefits.

What happens when an SSDI claim is denied?

Many Washington residents know what it is like to suffer with a disability. For the many in this situation, it may become difficult if not impossible to earn a living wage. It is for this reason that federal programs like Social Security Disability Insurance exist. However, these programs do not accept everyone and sometimes a person may be unfairly barred from receiving these benefits. Thankfully, Social Security Disability insurance allows a person to appeal a denial.

In fact, denials are quite common. The number of SSDI claims that are initially approved is less than one-third. This can be disheartening because many families and individuals rely on such benefits to live. But thankfully, the law requires that a person must be allowed to appear the initial denial of a claim.

Take hearth health seriously

In today's world, it can be easy to push healthy habits aside in favor of convenience. In some cases, people just get too busy to focus on their own health. Unfortunately, this often comes with consequences. For many Americans, one consequence can be cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease includes a higher risk of stroke, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Cardiovascular disease has become an epidemic in the United States. It has become the No. 1 cause of disability in the country. It is also the No. 1 killer of both women and men in the United States. Its side effects keep people from working and cost billions of dollars to treat. In total, cardiovascular disease costs the United States more than $300 billion each year.

What are the maximum monthly Social Security disability benefit?

When a person is unable to work because of a disability, that person can have a difficult time meeting all their day-to-day needs. Having a disability obviously does not preclude the person from having expenses for necessities like food, shelter, clothing and medical care. Without Social Security disability benefits some of these people would be left with no way to care for themselves following a disabling accident, injury or illness.

By obtaining SSDI benefits, disabled individuals are able to obtain some financial freedom again. These benefits accrue over a person's working life so that they are available in a person's hour of need. With these benefits, disabled individuals can secure many of their basic needs. Disabled individuals who are relying on the program may wonder what the maximum disability benefit is under the SSDI program.

SSD program poised for political battle over funding

Congress often picks and chooses its legal battles when coming into election years. This often includes overhauling federal programs. As the eyes of the nation focus on Congress' progress, the changes that Congress focuses on can make a big difference to the people who use the programs. It can often be difficult for people to wait and see if Congress will change the program and if that change will affect their benefits.

This year is no different. According to recent reports, the House of Representatives seems to be focusing on the Social Security Disability Insurance program. According to some reports, by the end of 2016, the program could be completely out of money unless changes are adopted. In the past, Congress has often shifted money from other parts of the Social Security program -- from retirement benefits, for example -- to pay for the shortcomings of the SSDI program.

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